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Does Your Company Really Need Biometric System?

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Biometric system verification is an automated identification based on unique identifiers such as fingerprints, face, voice, and retina and iris patterns. With the advancement of new technologies biometric data has been broadly used to provide higher security advantage, accurate audit logs and individual accountability.

There are many unique identifiers but according to history fingerprint recognition is the oldest method used for classifying individuals. Babylonia and China used fingerprints as signatures on clay tables, seals and pottery.

Some features a company can take advantage on fingerprint-enabled biometric solutions:

Security Measure

Today’s innovation any uncommon integrity issues that can affect biometric technologies are extensively reduced if not eliminated. Access granted through biological characteristics will better-quality security and safety for business firms.

Improves Tracking and Accountability

Fingerprinting identification has the ability to precisely recognized every individual and it is almost impossible the swap or share unique physiological data. That is to say it generates clear, definable audit trail of transactions or activities.

Time and Attendance Accuracy

It would take hours of effort to go over every single worker’s attendance and work hours using the manual process. Adopting biometrics system would mean reporting accuracy, avoid human errors due to tedious repetitive manual tracking and help decrease burden in payroll department.


Unlike traditional authentication you have to remember complicated passwords while frequently changing it for security reasons. This could wreak inconvenience in terms of recalling it. In a biometric based system a persons’ fingerprint can be quickly scanned and added to the database then it can readily start using for clocking in and out.

Cost Reduction

One of the major drawback in a traditional punch clock is buddy punching were in one ask co-worker to punch in or out in their behalf while receiving payment from hours they did actually not work or to even steer clear of consequences from violating company’s rule.

But with the fingerprint-based attendance management system time cheating will be eliminated, ensures fairness and unnecessary payroll costs will be avoided. It provides well-organized management of labor resources and report accuracy.

Can be Extensible

Time and tracking technology is scalable as your company grows. With the centralized biometric tracking system you can add new locations and employees.


Organizations dealing with attendance problem should consider implementing biometrics tacking system. Not only eliminating time theft and attendance abuse but it is a significant boost factor of productivity. It contributes difference in comprehensive data reporting and analysis that is major to company’s decisions.

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