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5 Factors To Consider For Effective Software Development

Factors for an effective software development.

Software development is highly composite, it requires definite skill with a level of proficiency and knowledge suitable for the project. But despite having with the right team there are other essential requirement that if an organization failed to notice it can cause bottleneck slowing the development process while affecting efficiency and quality of the software.

Below are collective subjects to ruminate for an effective software engineering.

Listening and Communication Skill

According to some statistics, most of the software projects fail due to poor communication. The complexity of a business logic to be implemented in a software would mean a team of sharp listeners that can comprehend detailed prerequisites and meticulously jot down in a perfect language to communicate to the team during rack up of documents.

And with the practice centered on values and principles conveyed in the agile philosophy, the need to listen and address user stories during development process is essential giving confidence to the client that your development team can solve their business problem.

Team Building

“An effective team is always better than an individual programmer.”

Every software project needs teamwork, although most IT professionals are introvert and inclined to working with technologies only. Engaging them into fun, competitive team building activities can promote trust to each team member, effectively handle conflicts and improve cognitive decision with regards to application development.

Project Manager

Aside from extra cost some would say it is an unnecessary load on the budget but in reality it has a tremendous beneficial effect that resonates after deployment of the project.

Having a software development project manager ensures coordination to all specified resources, tasks are in the right sequence with the least minimum waste of time and money and what is handed over greatly contributes to the strategic goal of client’s business.

Difference in Environment Configuration

It is said to be one of the most killer of agility and for some reason other company tend to ignore the importance of development environment consistency. I have witness teams wasted considerable amount of time fixing glitches due to difference on machine configuration even though errors are not from the code itself.

Code Review

Code review is a helpful element for the efficiency of software development. Not only significant to maintain a coding standard across the organization but finding and addressing an early bug increases overall quality of the software.


Above mentioned are just a share of many critical rudiments for a successful software development company. If you wish to contribute ideas that I was not able to point out, have no hesitation to share it with me as I would love to hear your opinion.

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