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Hyper Dynamism: One way to speed up Development Time

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Most of you are familiar with the term dynamic programming also known as soft coding where one designs an algorithm or process to be able to perform a specific task for all scenarios without manually iterating over them.

From my experience as developer, when a system becomes very large with multiple components, it becomes quite time consuming to constantly have to make customized modules with similar functionalities for each module.


You are tasked with making a web based information system:

You have 20 of these modules to make. This concept can quickly be solved with Hyper Dynamism.

Hyper Dynamism is about:

This concept is similar to how micro-processors work, being given a set of instructions to produce a particular output.



Ultimately, this concept should be used for implementing multiple modules with very similar functionality. If you have a module that needs customization, just inherit from the dynamic file and add the extra functionality. Too much of a particular concept can be detrimental to a project.

In short, balance.

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