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Incredible Benefits of Automation Test for Your Project

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Testing is an essential part of software development and with the rapid acceleration of large complex project the need to use automation tool will be critical to ensure effectiveness and quality of the product before and after deployment. Not only saves manual labor but it can steer clear developers from spending too much time on testing procedure instead allows them to focus on other assignments that need to be done to avoid bottleneck. Using automation testing tool can help detect glitch that are often overlook or difficult to spot during manual testing.

According to market research there is at least 23% of increase from companies who have incorporated automated testing strategy and it is expected to grow as organizations in all sizes are considering to embrace the benefits of using automation testing frameworks.

Let us consider key reasons in adopting automated testing for software application and why it is a vital module for success on your development project:

Earlier Issue Detection

Unlike the manual checking, issues can be uncovered during automated test cases as it can imitate the activity of numerous users while it digs deeper to the application’s core.

Better Precision of Test Results

With human inaccuracy causal factors even the most accomplished professionals are prone to make mistake during a mind-numbing work. Automation guarantees focus in all scope of testing thus ensure higher quality test case results.

Reusability and Time Saving

Tester can write platform independent automation scripts and reuse it with minimal tweaks depending on the nature of the project. This is favorable since it doesn’t require them to write new scripts to perform different test. In addition, automation can significantly execute test faster than human users.

Allows Interminable Test

Manual testing have time limitation but with automation you can schedule or leave it running overnight and review the test result when you get back at the office in the morning.

Reduce Operating Cost

Though initial investment could cause a considerable amount of money but the test can be rehash. The steep drop amount of time required to run automated test cases and lesser human resources needed will significantly reduce project costs.


Automation testing is definitely worth trying and with the gains it should pamper positive insights if you are really keen into creating bug free software projects.

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Lester Jainar