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Why Writing Clean Code With Clarity Matters

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In its purest sense programming is not just writing lines of code but it accentuates the shape of the program. It is the art of factoring big projects into smaller easy to understand and more manageable parts that when pulled together creates a lovely piece of art.

It is true a programmer can be more productive working under pressure of deadlines but in a harsh reality the product produced is coming from a hastily written code that will be more difficult to manage in the future. Some software engineers want to learn different types of programming languages as well as learn latest technological innovation while not making effort on refining skill in clean code writing.

Here are insights why clean code matters:


A well written code provides deeper comprehension to developer who is reading the code. Usually we work as a team to develop software solution any member who does not practice clean code will eventually cause greater percentage of team’s time to resolve conflicts affecting productivity and target deadlines.

Low Maintenance and Extensible

In the long run a messy code could mean tremendous amount of time either recoding or upgrading while the pleasure of clean code helps simplify things. It can only take minutes if not hours of maintenance along with the luxury of adding new features in the future.

Ease of Debugging

Whether you are an experience or a newbie programmer debugging can yield serious amount of time. But if you embrace best practices of code readability it would be easier to diagnose glitches when something goes wrong since errors in logic is not concealed by unwanted complexity.

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

Martin Fowler


As a software developer we comprise our worth by proving clients we can deliver valuable projects. Not only solving business problems but a well-organized, easy to read programming style and maintainable as possible that should be part of the package.

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Lester Jainar